Parent Visitation Schedule 2019

Please check out the schedule for Parent visitation starting Monday, December 2nd!

November 1, 2019

Dear Parents:

The class visitation schedule is as follows:

December 2 – 7


Monday, December 2 – Tap Company, & Tap V (Reggie Lachemann, Classes) ACRO (Ashley

Schweinhart’s class)

Tuesday, December 3 – Jazz & Hip-Hop III/V, Jazz & Hip-Hop IV (Lorna Shaffer’s classes

Wednesday, December 4 – Modern II/III (Lorna Shaffer’s class)

Thursday, December 5 – Jazz V, Hip Hop II/III (Lorna Shaffer & Jade Parson’s classes)

Friday, December 6 – Tap IV, Pre-Modern I/II & Pre-Modern II B (Tori Talbert, classes)

December 9 – 14

Monday, December 9 – Ballet II, Tap I/II, II, III (Lorna Shaffer & Reggie Lachemann classes)

Tuesday, December 10 – Jazz & Hip Hop I, Jazz & Hip Hop II, Ballet I/II & Tap IV/V (Marcia Devore & Reggie Lachemann classes)

Wednesday, December 11 – Jazz & Hip Hop III, Ballet IV/V, Modern I (Lorna Shaffer’s classes)

Thursday, December 12 – Ballet III/IV, Ballet IV, Jazz IV/V & Hip Hop I (Lorna Shaffer, Reggie Lachemann & Jade Parson’s classes)

Friday, December 13 – Pre-Modern I & Pre-Modern II A (Lorna Shaffer)

Saturday, December 14 – Jazz & Hip Hop I/II, Pre-Ballet I/II, Tap 1 & Junior Company (Lorna Shaffer & Reggie Lachemann’s classes)

Saturday, December 14 – BTJ dancers (Kathy Herr’s class)

You may bring family members and friends as well as cameras and video recorders.  Additional parking is available across the street.  Mark your calendars.  Winter break is December 16 – January 1.  Classes will resume on Thursday, January 2, 2020!  The spring recital is Saturday, May 16, 2020 at the Maryland Theatre.

Have a safe and fun filled Holiday.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS                                                                                                                                                                                Ranelle W. Flurie

Parent visitation schedule 2019